Welcome to Equine Training Facility Liseon Kamper
We are specialised in training dressage horses and riders

We offer quality dressage training at our professional location in Warnsveld, with one of the finest training and riding facilities in the area:

Dressage lessons

We offer private lessons (from B-level to Grand Prix), we also train children, teenagers and youngsters also at “Young Riders” level, furthermore  we can accommodate intensive and specific training sessions (2-4 days, optional incl. stable and guest room) and tailor made clinics.

Equine Boarding Facility (both horses and ponies)

In our spacious stables qualified staff takes excellent care of the horses and ponies. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent feed and care program.

Full Service Dressage Facility

Having your horse trained (and/or compete) by a highly experienced and qualified Grand Prix rider.
We frequently get horses in our stables that need to be properly schooled, trained, and/or prepared to enter the higher dressage levels. Due to our extensive experience we can perform a lot to improve the dressage abilities of horses. For us however, it  is of the highest importance that we stay within the physical abilities of a horse. Achieving the preferred dressage level or competing in a higher level must never have a negative impact on the horses’ health.