Our professional Training Facility is situated near the wonderful woods of Warnsveld and offers the following training facilities:


  • Indoor arena (20 x 40), with the famous “Agterberg” floor and a  gallery
  • Outdoor arena (20 x 60), with all weather floor
  • Horse Walker
  • Horse wash stands (with cold/hot water)
  • 2 hectare pasture
  • Canteen
  • Toilet
  • Guest room


  • Dressage Lessons €  55,00 per hour
    introductory lesson: EUR 40,00
  • Boarding Rate  € 385,00 monthly
    complete nourishment, 3x daily Cavalor Feed, 2x daily herbal hay, each day new straw. Option: horsewalker / pastureservice  € 50,00 per month incl. blanketing service
  • Full Service Dressage Facilitity
    For our specialized “Full Service Dressage Training”, please contact us via our Cell or E-mail. We will gladly inform you about our possibilities after we have established your preferences.

All rates are including VAT.